Gateway Hotel Presents Special Dining Experience With Hammers and Aprons at Three on Canton

Catch and crack at Three on Canton! In January and February, an array of fresh ocean delicacies will be prepared in different styles during the nightly dinner buffet. Grab your hammer and apron and enjoy a memorable dining experience at Three on Canton.

Start off the seafood extravaganza with an array of jet fresh seafood on ice, including Boston lobster, crayfish, prawns, mussels, sea whelk, snow crab leg and bread crab. Go for added flavor with accompaniments such as Thai chili sauce and cocktail sauce.

In addition to the seasonal seafood highlights, diners can savor Three on Canton’s classic buffet favorites, such as freshly shucked oysters, Japanese sushi and soba, live cooking noodles, authentic Indian curries, and regional Chinese dishes, including the signature Peking Duck.

Save room for the selection of exquisite desserts and rich, velvet Movenpick ice cream. Don’t miss the highly recommended Chocolate cracker to indulge your sweet tooth.