Mexico City – A Thriving Metropolis

Mexico City is known for its inclusive vibe, vibrant cultural offerings, varied architecture, and exploding culinary scene.

A hub for entertainment, Mexico City attracts only 8 the best of the best. Renowned musicians from around the world Global sporting events like Formula One.

Big businesses that come to town for meetings and conventions. There is so much to do and see. It is no wonder that Mexico City is a popular Latin American destination.

Between October 31 and November 2, The Day of the Dead holiday is celebrated -a tradition that dates back more than 3.000 years. The festivities begin with an enormous parade in which locals, adorned in different colorful native garb, march through the streets.

The Day of the Dead on the streets of Mexico City

The celebration continues with the exposition of hundreds of traditional alters that are made to honor deceased loved ones. This ritual is a highlight of the year.

The arts and culture scene of Mexico City is also a reason why it is one of the most important destinations in the country.

It’s home to a plethora of museums as well as classic and contemporary architecture—a mix of pre-hispanic and colonial, European and modern structures.

The culinary scene is sublime as well. The flavor profiles that come from the chefs of Mexico City merge traditional Mexican cuisine with other worldly dishes.

And as if all this weren’t enough. Mexico City is also filled with opportunities to experience thrilling adventure activities-from kayaking through the canals of Xochimilco to conquering the largest climbing wall in Latin America to cycling through the city.

There is really something for everyone.

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