New Niraamaya Retreats – Cardamom Club Thekkady

Its summertime and the living is easy as schools close for their long summer break and gives families the perfect opportunity to bond and indulge in leisurely pursuits, which can even take them to thrilling new destinations…or even old favourites.

The beginning of the long summer holidays is like a huge blank canvas…waiting for you to fill it with the colours of a fabulous treasure trove of brand new memories you are going to create for yourself.

Sometimes the journey is the destination in itself and sometimes the wondrous experiences of a destination can drive out the mundane and the boring with that one stroke of the brush with an exciting new place to explore and enjoy.

South India spoils the holidaymaker for choice with its fantastic range of beaches and high mountain grandeur… its serene lakeside retreats and its rejuvenating riverside resorts. As you travel deeper south you’ll be astonished by the richness and the variety of the natural beauty, the friendly people and the impeccably run hotels— all of which conspire to make your holiday a joyful adventure of fun and laughter.

Guests who have enjoyed the superb hospitality dispensed with a lavish hand at a Niraamaya resort (there are several spread across Kovalam and Thekkady) can now look forward to an even more enticing experience with the spanking new enhancements of their most popular boutique resort —New Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club, located in the biosphere environs of Thekkady in Kerala.

Part of the make over here is the welcome addition of the new guestrooms, which are built on stilts (kids will love these) to open up on even better views, from its great big picture windows, of its mountainous surrounds. Another allurement is the air-conditioning – a feature exclusive to only few properties in the region. Yes — there is wi-fi too.

And you’re sure to savour the pleasures of the new Niraamaya Spa, built on stilts and made from Bangkirai wood. Set upon an expanse of 1200 sq. ft., it’s equipped with Ayurveda and International therapy rooms with private outdoor sit-outs. Look forward to cocktails by the new infinity pool accessed from the Café Samsara.