Rainbow Village

Moving on to find a pretty sight at Rainbow Village. Rainbow Village wasn’t always pretty since the beginning. In fact, the village was originally a veteran village where Kuomintang soldiers took refuge in Taiwan.

The village got old as time went by and renovation plan was put forward. However, during the demolition a veteran named Huang Yung-Fu started to paint the old building walls with colourful cartoons and pictures.

His work caught attentions of young generation and artists across Taiwan who participated in the work. The village eventually became a famous attraction in Taichung and received government protection as a cultural landmark.

Although there are only a few houses left in the village, Rainbow Village is still a unique destination visited constantly by visitors at Sun Moon Lake.

Discover art and tea, and feel spirited away at Jiufen. The city was a booming gold mine town in 1950s, but it started to decline as the mine ran dry. Although depleted of gold, the city still has its unique character that makes it a destination for tourists.

Visitors love the nostalgic vibe of Jiufen with charming wooden homes and retro style teahouses with distinctive red lanterns in every corner. Some teahouses also offer traditional tea brewing session to give you the real Taiwanese tea drinking ceremony experience.

Moreover, you can taste local specialties and buy local handicrafts without breaking your bank. Besides its nostalgic atmosphere and amazing teahouses, Jiufen also boasts fascinating views of the Pacific Ocean from several scenic points.

Must try: You can not miss out on local specialties such as taro balls, traditional fish balls, and Taiwanese cotton candy burrito pancake.