Sun & Moon Lake – Taiwan

Experience traditional way of life and be surrounded by wonderful nature at Sun Moon Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Taiwan. Located in Yuchi, Nantou County, Sun Moon Lake is renowned for its distinctive terrain which look like the sun in the east and the moon in the west.

Dubbed as “Switzerland of Taiwan”, the weather here is cool all year round, and that’s why Sun Moon Lake attracts a constant stream of visitors throughout the year. The region is home to Taiwanese native tribe called Thao before it was turned into a famous tourist attraction, covering 8 km2.

Visitors will get to buy local handicrafts, taste traditional dishes, experience 360 degree views from the cable car, and visit Formosan Aboriginal Village. Another highlight event happens in spring where thousands of people join the annual “Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival” for an exciting 3 km swim across the lake.

There are a few landmarks to explore at Sun Moon Lake. Starting at Wenwu Temple or Guanyu Temple at the foot of a hill with spectacular views of the lake. Devoted to Guanyu, the God of War and Honesty, and Confucius, the God of Intelligence, the temple is guarded by 2 giant red lions at the entrance in front of 366 steps that lead to the main shrine where the statue of Guanyu and Confucius stand.

Wenwu Temple at Sun Moon Lake.

The temple palace style architecture takes after the architecture of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Originally Sun Moon Lake had 2 temples along its shore, but after Japanese occupation of Taiwan, a dam was built in 1934 and the 2 temples were drowned.

A new temple was built at the foot of a hill to compensate the loss of the 2 original temples, and it became the famous Wenwu Temple we know today.

Must Do: If you love cycling, you must not miss the Sun Moon Lake cycling track along the lake which CNN ranked one of the top 10 best cycling track in the world.

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