Top US Destination – Charleston – South Carolina

From high above, the Charleston area resembles a beautiful tapestry woven with shades of indigo, marshgrass and oyster shell.

Etched with barrier islands and bodies of water, the landscape has a poetic shape.

With the perfect combination of beautiful beaches, world-class cuisine, antebellum architecture, and an endless supply of engaging things to see and do. It’s no wonder the Charleston area is consistently named a top U.S. destination.

In Charleston, daily life is accompanied by a gentle harmony of church bells, rustling palmetto fronds, and lyrical sea island accents.

Church steeples-not skyscrapers-dot the skyline, and a tangible connection to the past permeates the community.

Copper gas-lit lanterns and hitching posts hint at a bygone era and heirloom varieties of grits and rice are mainstays on the menus of local James Beard Foundation award-winning chefs.

Discover the people, places, and traditions found only in Charleston. South Carolina. Come, let this special destination enliven your senses.

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